Ana sayfa Technology The 2021 iPad Pro may come with mmWave powered 5G!

The 2021 iPad Pro may come with mmWave powered 5G!

The 2021 iPad Pro may come with mmWave powered 5G!

The 2021 iPad Pro may come with mmWave powered 5G!

According to rumors, the top 2021 iPad Pro models that Apple will release next year will have 5G capability with mmWave support.

2021 iPad Pro could get 5G support

Multiple rumors Apple’s next year mini-LED high-end 1 with display2.9 inch iPad Pro‌ allegedly plans to launch.

However, according to the leaks, Apple’s own for next year’s iPhone series mmWave AiP success in developing its modules, iPad increased the possibility of benefiting the new generation models in the series.

Resources, AiP in the design and development of modules your self-sufficiency, The next generation that Apple will launch in 2021 2021 ‌iPad‌ Pro models too mmWave He states that it means he can have the technology.

2021 iPad Pro

mmWave, in short distances ultra high speeds the promising and her dense urban areas a series that makes it most suitable for It is the 5G frequency. By comparison, 6GHz six 5G usually from mmWave more is slow, however, the signals go further, serving suburban and rural areas better.

Apple’s recent effort in developing AiP modules also shows us that it has gone one step further towards sourcing and developing its own modem devices.


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