Ana sayfa Technology Surprise feature for Windows 10 20H2 update!

Surprise feature for Windows 10 20H2 update!



Microsoft is nearing the end for the 20H2 update , which is expected to be released for October . With the update, in which many Windows 10 features have changed, the screen refresh rate settings are also renewed.

Screen refresh settings get easier with Windows 10 20H2

Games refresh rate of the screen that have emerged in recent years to cue refresh rate settings for a really long process to make changes to Windows 10. Usually, third party software is used to make these settings.

Windows 10 , on the other hand , is after this problem with its new update . Accordingly, a new shortcut will be added to change the screen refresh rate settings on the settings.

Right now, you need to go to Settings> System> Display> Advanced display settings> Display adapter properties> Monitor tab to adjust the screen refresh rate .


According to the new settings, a link that will allow you to adjust the screen refresh rate will be added to the Advanced display settings section. Microsoft seems to be collecting feedback from users for this feature that is currently open to Insider users.

Features expected to arrive with Windows 10 20H2

A new start menu will appear with the Windows 10 20H2 update . Accordingly, there will be changes in the design and design elements that are more eye-catching will be used.

Windows 10 will now offer the ALT + TAB key combination for Microsoft’s Edge browser to switch between browser tabs. Again, if you’re not happy with this combination, Windows will also let you easily change it.

The Start menu, with its increased customization possibilities, will also offer the use of dark and light themes. You will be able to pin favorite websites to the taskbar. Again, it will be possible to easily customize the duty bar.


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