Ana sayfa Mobile New Wall Mount Access Point from TP-Link: EAP230-Wall

New Wall Mount Access Point from TP-Link: EAP230-Wall

New Wall Mount Access Point from TP-Link: EAP230-Wall


TP-Link EAP230-Wall

TP-Link launched a new wall-mounted access point for multi-room businesses such as hotels, dormitories and offices, which can be installed in each room. The EAP230-Wall model product creates a fast and strong Wi-Fi network and can be managed from the cloud thanks to Omada SDN software.

TP-Link®, which offers an option to businesses with its easy to install and manage and affordable corporate network products, has launched a new wall-mounted access point. The product named EAP230-Wall model can be easily installed anywhere with its slim and stylish design in the form of a socket. EAP230-Wall, which is a very suitable Wi-Fi solution for businesses such as hotels, dormitories and offices with plenty of rooms, enables to create a strong and high-speed Wi-Fi network specific to each room.

The product, which enables multiple users to connect to the network at the same time, has 802.11ac Wave 2 technology and can reach wireless speeds up to 1200 Mbps. The product, which also has dual band support, supports multiple users and can run applications that require high speed smoothly. In addition to the wireless connection support, high speed wired connection is also possible thanks to a Gigabit Ethernet port on the product.

Easy installation, easy management from anywhere …TP-Link

The EAP230-Wall access point can be easily installed anywhere. The product, which saves time for businesses thanks to its ease of installation, also offers advantages in installation cost with its PoE (Power over Ethernet) feature. The product, which can operate by taking power over Ethernet without the need to pull a power cable, can be installed anywhere without searching for a power line and saves businesses from the cost of cable pulling.

TP-Link EAP230-Wall

The management of the product is also very comfortable. Omada SDN-supported EAP230-Wall, which enables to manage all of TP-Link’s corporate network products (access points, network switches, routers, gateways) from a single platform, can be managed from anywhere, anytime via the cloud. The management, efficiency and security of the entire network can be controlled with Omada SDN, which has an affordable price and has 100% cloud support.

With the free and iOS and Android supported Omada application, both devices can be set up easily and network settings can be configured from smartphones or tablet computers, network status can be monitored and clients can be managed.

Equipped with strong security features, the product offers businesses the opportunity to create a guest network with multiple authentication options. The suggested selling price of the product is 130 USD (including VAT).

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