Ana sayfa Mobile Huawei fell behind Xiaomi

Huawei fell behind Xiaomi

Smartphone sales figures for the third quarter of 2020 have been announced. OPPO and Xiaomi seem to have taken advantage of it, while Huawei is making a big drop.

As the pandemic halted the largest economies of Western Europe, the smartphone market suffered a major decline in the second quarter . But as the new data shows, some brands are already making a comeback.

Samsung underperformed, but was still # 1

A total of 28.8 million smartphones were shipped in Western Europe in the third quarter . Samsung led the market with an impressive 10.3 million units and an amazing 35.6 percent share. Samsung performed below the market average, down 6.9 percent year on year . However, there is good news. At least for Samsung .

The South Korean company has largely outpaced its Chinese rival Huawei , which briefly became the world’s number one smartphone maker earlier this year .

As for the current quarter, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty. The holiday season typically brings with it a sales increase, but Western European markets such as the UK, Spain and France are lagging behind with another wave of tight quarantine .

Huawei had a terrible quarter in Western Europe

Turning to Huawei , it is clear that the impact of US trade sanctions is beginning to appear. This, combined with a period of declining economic activity across Europe, resulted in a terrible quarter .

Huawei , 6.2 million sold smartphones in 2019 and the 3rd quarter was the third most popular brand. However, Huawei dropped to third place in Q3 of 2020 . Market data shows that it only sold 2.5 million devices between July and September . This means a 58.7 percent drop and 9 times worse performance than the market average. Worse, Huawei’s market share fell from 20 percent to 8.8 percent .

Apple maintained its position as the second most popular brand in Western Europe over the past quarter, and although it did not launch a new flagship iPhone lineup in September, its sales rose slightly.

Specifically, the giant led by Tim Cook sold 8.2 million iPhones in the last quarter of September . This is an increase of 0.1 million units compared to the equivalent quarter in 2019 .

The market share of the brand has also increased. It accounts for 28.5 percent of all shipments in the region , compared to 26.4 percent a year ago.

IDC says Apple’s better-than-expected performance is due to iPhone SE (2020) sales and continued demand for the iPhone 11 series, which has since been replaced by the iPhone 12 portfolio .

The biggest winners in the last quarter were undoubtedly Xiaomi and Oppo . Both brands took advantage of the downfall of Chinese fellow Huawei and put them on a path where they could eventually challenge both Samsung and Apple seriously.

Xiaomi was the third largest smartphone maker in Western Europe during the summer, with sales of 3.7 million units and an impressive 12.8 percent market share. The popular brand recorded 1.5 million shipments just twelve months ago and had a 4.8 percent market share.

These numbers ultimately mean that Xiaomi experienced a massive 151.6 percent sales growth in the region in Q3 .

Oppo’s performance is even more impressive. Entering the European market last year alone, the brand solidified its position as the fifth most popular smartphone company and experienced unprecedented growth of 566.2 percent .

With the launch of new mid-range model Oppo , 900,000 units were able to make a good delivery. That’s not much compared to other brands, but only twelve months ago sales reached 100,000 units .


Galaxy Z Flip 2

Galaxy Z Flip 2


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