Ana sayfa Game Sony’s Sony’s PS5 patent revealed!

Sony’s Sony’s PS5 patent revealed!


Sony’s PS5 Pro patent appeared . In the past console generation , the performance values ​​offered by PS4 and Xbox One could not offer the features they promised in games. That’s why Microsoft and Sony announced the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro models.

PS5 Pro will have dual GPUs

For these announced models , it was said that the games will run at 4K 60 FPS , and still it was insufficient in some games. For the new generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X , it was said that it can play supported games up to 4K 120 FPS . This depends on the use of the console and the developer team’s experience with the console . Many games cannot reach 4K 120 FPS on next generation consoles . The number of games that reach these values ​​is really small. It turned out that Sony was prepared for this and patented a new PS5 model .

PS5 Pro patent

The name of this new model is estimated as PS5 Pro . In the patent of the PS5 Pro , it was revealed that the console will have a dual GPU . According to one estimate GPU ‘s from one game while processing graphics , other GPU to process image. According to another estimate, both GPUs will be able to share the workload. If we look at this patent of Sony , the company aims to see 4K 120 FPS values ​​in games Also, the PS5 Pro does not have any price prediction. Pro PS4 , PS4 ‘skin after 3 years was released . Same situationIt may also be true for PS5 Pro .


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