Ana sayfa Game PlayStation Black Friday sales

PlayStation Black Friday sales

PlayStation Black Friday sales

PlayStation Black Friday sales have started!

A few days ago the new Sony PlayStation game console 5 (PS5), which was put up for sale in Turkey, together with the global market. Sony has announced the Black Friday discounts , which include PlayStation 4 games with its new console, from the Sony PlayStation Store  .

Sony, which puts many popular games such as Watch Dogs: Legion, GTA V Premium Online Edition, FIFA21 Champions League Edition on discount, has reduced its 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription to 180 Turkish Liras with a 25 percent discount. With this subscription, players can have 2 games offered by Sony every month for free.

PlayStation Black Friday sales


the new PlayStation and Xbox

Sony’s game depth is bolstered by the in-house studios behind qualified productions such as” Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.” Unlike Game Experts, the latest in the flagship “Halo” series is back next year, as the new Xbox will be stripped of its lethal launch games and the pandemic begins to progress. The growth of cloud gaming could give the US programming giant the only edge in the coming years. Although both companies have moved to offer the mandate, Microsoft has yet to act aggressively. The Xbox Game Pass subscription service has grown rapidly; it offers more than 100 games, including unprecedented games, and has more than 15 million users. Sony has been reluctant to offer its best-known games on services such as PlayStation now, fearing it could ruin sales of games with huge budgets. ‘SUPPLY OF DEMAND’

According to industry surveyors who have seen shortages stretching back to 2021, the epidemic has also limited production of Sony and Microsoft while feeding single-rate demand. “Demand will rise above supply, so there will be some people who can’t get the console when they want it,” said Piers Harding-Rolls, Ampere’s director of gaming review. Sony


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