Epic’s Free Game Event Increases Number of Users

Havas Media agency, Epic Games Store‘The Vault’, which took place between May 14 and June 18, which attracted the attention of all players, was a company stakeholder for the free game campaign.

Grand Theft Auto VStatistical news about the campaign, where games were presented without price, including Civilization VI, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and ARK: Survival Evolved, were shared by the agency.

61 million monthly users:

The media agency, according to the news that took place in DSOGaming, included the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Russia at the The Vault event, which covers from May 14 to June 18. where To 21 countries It focused.

The activity has enabled the Epic Games Store to leave relatively valuable milestones in the past in terms of statistics about users. Online play store, with campaign 61 million monthly active users and 13 million concurrent players managed to reach the number.

These announced figures brought the Epic Games Store a little closer to Steam, its biggest rival. Being the largest online game store for the computer, Steam was launched in 2019. 95 million monthly users reached. The platform also houses 14 to 20 million concurrent players.

Steve Allison from Epic Games Store, who said that they plan to organize a big event and play big as part of the weekly price-free game program, “In 2020, we grow at a historical rate. Epic Games Store partners have a sizable player base to sell their games and are a bit different from other platforms. receives 88%, not 70% of revenue said.

Source: Webtekno

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